The Caller

Pamela Iredia is a relationship counsellor and a TV presenter for a popular tv show called SHARE MY PAIN. She is the mother of one and a wife to Nosa Iredia a loving husband and father. Pamela is everything a man wants in a wife and she is loved by her husband. On this day on her show, a man called life on air telling her he caught his wife with another man in his matrimonial home and she has to convince him not to kill them. Being on life show with the world watching and listening on radio (football viewing centres, shops on the road side, women in the salon, Customers in a noodles shop, customers in a shayi joint etc are all watching and listening and commenting on the show) Pamela tries her best to dissuade this man from killing anyone while the police try to trace the call to apprehend him. In the process of trying to talk this caller out from committing murder, she finds out that the man with the woman is her own very husband Nosa Iredia, this threw her into confusion but the show must go on as audiences are waiting to see what she will do and how she will handle the matter. Meanwhile the only question in her head is What Went Wrong. Will she succeed in saving the life of this people? Will her marriage continue afterwards? What is Nosa’s reason for his action?

Duration: 01:09:20
Director: Kenneth Okonkwo
Starring: kenneth Okowkwo, Chinyere Onah Okorie, Cbriel
Production Year: 2015
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