Amina is an emotionally charged film about loss, love and redemption. It follows the tale of Amina (Omotola Jalade), who after a series of emotional turbulences, suffers a breakdown and ends up in a Mental Institution. It all started with an unplanned pregnancy at 16 which left Amina devastated, bewildered and in disarray. Unsure and vulnerable, she stumbles, falls and rises as a single mother but as more and more tragic incidences become a daily occurrence, her state of mind becomes worse. Trapped in a system and struggling to cope, even her loving boyfriend (Van Vicker) and childhood best friend (Alison Caroll) seem powerless to help her. Is she crazy or there are subconscious issues she does not want to address? Only one man, her doctor (Wil Johnson) can help Amina but he must convince his boss (Vincent Regan) that his unorthodox approach will work. The only problem is he must overcome his own demons before he can help Amina confront her tormented past and guide her to a future of hope and fame. This exciting and imaginative piece of work attempts to explore human tendencies to suppress painful memories

Duration: 1:30
Director: Christian Ashaiku
Starring: Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde, Van Vicker, Wil Johnson, Vincent Regan, Alison Carrol
Production Year: 2015
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