A twenty-one year old adult, Tobi, bows to the dark side of gang pressure, and in a flash, a seemingly morally upright young man gets caught up in a web of violence, drugs, bloodshed, drugs, parental expectations, and conflicting voices in his head; and then a grave mistake occurs on the streets, which threatens his very existence. His brother, a handsome and outstanding lawyer is torn between loyalty to his dream firm, ‘Lourdes & Myers;’ where he has now been employed and defending his brother on the other hand – in a case where Tobi’s life hangs in a balance. He must take a stand that would shake the proceedings to its very roots. The movie shines with a healthy blend of American and Nigerian cast. \\r\\n

Duration: 1:30
Director: Bethels Agomuoh
Starring: Chet Anekwe, Mark Lavan Williams, Jimmy Allen, Chisom Oz Lee, Arturo Castro, Patrick Dean, Elizabeth Ness\\r\\n
Production Year: 2015
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