Aramotu, the eponymous character is a mother of two and a successful trader who regularly travels outside the village of Agesi to acquire goods that she sells in the marketplace. (Thus it is already clear that boundaries mean very little to her). She is married to a man; Akanmu who apparently cares for and loves her despite the taunts and jeers of his fellow men, women and family who believe that he is being cuckolded by Aramotu. He is called the wife while Aramotu is called the husband.Aramotu is also a woodcarver, a profession that is forbidden for women to practice. Aramotu secretly carves wood usually in the middle of the night and in private room separate from the one she shares with her husband. Aramotu is centred on her craving a gelede mask to be worn by her fellow artist friend, Gbegiro for the festival in which the gelede masquerades dance during the Efe night. Aramotu is shown to be an innovative artist, she carves two faces onto her mask as opposed to the regular one face. Because of her innovation, she is chosen to become a member of the elusive yet powerful Cult of the Spider, a women secret society that is supposedly dangerous.The men, spurred by the council of elders, have seized farmlands belonging to their wives so as to grow cash crops, such as banana and rubber, which they can sell to European traders. The women are distraught; Aramotu leads the women in a revolt against these self-serving ideas. Meanwhile, Aramotu husband grows frustrated with what he believes is his wife's lack of submission to his authority, he takes another wife (a woman that Aramotu provides shelter for in her home due to her running away from her own home

Duration: 1:30
Director: Niji Akanni
Starring: idiat Shobande, Ireti Osayemi-bakare, Kayode Odumosu, Tunbosun Odunsi, Adebayo Faleti, Bisi komolafe, Gabriel Afolayan.
Production Year: 2015
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