A true life story retold as a magnificent epic movie. The movie �Adesuwa� centres on a monarch who goes as far as demeaning his throne, all because of a very beautiful woman; even though she has already being betrothed to marry another man. Princess Adesuwa, famed for her unrivalled beauty and known as the betrothed to the king and ruler of the powerful Benin Empire was then abducted. This is the enthralling story of Ogie Oboro in Benin, the story about the abduction and death of Princess Adesuwa. Lavishly filmed, and featuring remarkable visual effects, the movie takes us into the memorable past of the Benin Kingdom to bring a tale of lust, passion, and betrayal

Duration: 1:30
Director: Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen
Starring: Bob Manuel Udokwu, Olu Jacob, Ngozi Ezeonu, Cliff Igbinovia, Koffi Ajonorlo
Production Year: 2015
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