Qui Voodoo

Theophane is an urban, modern african man living in Port Novo, Benin Republic. A journalist by profession, he considers himself essentially aspiritual; until he is confronted by a dilemma. An unsolicited message from a seer commends him to appease the ‘gods of his ancestors’ or face an uncertain future.Patinvoh’s dilemma is a metaphor for the spiritual conflict of the modern African man. Today, the modern African man must resolve his spirituality, essentially “choosing” between two cultures - that of his ancestors and that of the colonialists that introduced other religions like Islam and Christianity. This scenario is what many now recognize as perhaps the lasting legacy of colonialism - the loss of “spiritual identity” of the African man. This confusion is perhaps most pronounced in the religious practices of our people. In Benin Republic, the people have artfully managed to combine their indigenous religion with what was left behind by the colonialist. Perhaps it’s the urban educated elites, who must resolve and reconcile themselves to the reality of their cultural heritage. “Oui VOODOO” is a fact-based documentary that celebrates the richness of African culture and the conflict of spirituality of the African man.It is a special presentation of DVWORX Film/TV Consult and Roots News Agency

Duration: 1:35
Director: Femi Odugbemi
Starring: DVWorx, Root News Agency
Production Year: 2015
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