The Island (2013) Drama
This suspense drama series is an intriguing tale of family, friendship, betrayal, conspiracy, love and vengeance. Our story follows the lives of several characters all connected to the island and its extremities in one way or another. The wealthy BOWEN-COLE family’s unclear history and hedonistic son FEMI, the wealthy and arrogant BAKO and ADEMOLA families which appear untouchable and oppressive. The BALOGUNs, once at the apex of society, now suffer a sad plight as the bread winner of the family sits semi-comatose waiting to die, leaving them bitter and vengeful over old rivalries. SADE COKER, a beautiful and ambitious girl living a self-determined life, faces her greatest challenge when it comes to choosing between love and loyalty. SEGUN ALABA, smart and street savvy, taking his destiny into his own hands he vows to gain money, power and respect on the island by all means necessary. The show derives its essence from the real experiences of Nigerian high-society and its excessive culture. Expect celebrity cameos, real Lagos city venues, events and lifestyle, tentatively playing on the border between reality and fiction.
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